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Title: just checking in...
Post by: Wolfe on May 26, 2018, 06:58:01 PM
how are you guys doing?

Title: Re: just checking in...
Post by: Happyorange27 on May 26, 2018, 08:12:47 PM
Whoa, I randomly checked the forum today and finally a post!  Whatís up dude. Iím great. Been gigging. I miss the good old days here where we devoted our lives to chasing the Trey tone dragon. I learned so much here and made plenty of friends that I stay in touch with on Facebook now.  Glad you opened the chamber if secrets today man.  8)

Title: Re: just checking in...
Post by: Wolfe on May 26, 2018, 09:19:14 PM
it's been a good 28 hours.

I didn't get up this morning!

Yeahhhh!  Thought of you guys digging some Shine!

Title: Re: just checking in...
Post by: Heady Jam Fan on June 20, 2018, 11:55:59 AM
I also check sporadically - I still have the page "bookmarked" on Google Chrome, and I check in almost out of habit ;)

I'm still a massive Phish fan, but its a little too funky for my wife. She likes Folk / Americana / Blue Grass (and even some country and pop), so, as a couple, our favorite band is Grateful Dead. Been listening to more dead than anything lately.

I still have a primarily Trey-influenced rig, but I decided to expand a bit. I found I was using the single/parallel setting on my hollowbody more and more, and I was listening to a lot of Strat-based guitar, from Dead to SRV. I bought a G&L Legacy that I loaded with Joe Barden S-Deluxe Pickups, and I've been primarily using that guitar. I swapped my Celestion V30 212 for an EVM12L in a 1x12 and dialed in my Mesa Mark III for a "Twin on steriods" tone, rather than Trey's settings. But I can still get very close to his sound, especially with TS9's and a Ross.

Anyone keeping up with the newer live Phish music? I haven't heard much of the recent years after 2014 - I thought that was a great year! 2009-2013 was less enjoyable to me, compared to some of the older stuff. I might need to collect some of the new live recordings!

Title: Re: just checking in...
Post by: Buffered on June 27, 2018, 01:43:11 PM
Hey everyone,

Glad to hear y'all are still playing and things are going well!

I moved out to CO last July and have been played in a GD type band as well as getting out to as many open jams as possible! Feels really great to be playing a lot again and networking. Day job is solid.

For this, I've tailored my gear to be as "grab n go" as possible, getting my guitar rig in one trip from the car and being able to setup at these jams really fast.

Emma Discumbobulator v2 > Skreddy Little Miss Sunshine > Keeley Tone and Delay Workstations - these all fit fine on my PT mini with a little room to spare - There might be an octave pedal in my future? Pretty straightforward, while having the sounds I need/love and not being an airplane cockpit. Lots of fun!

I use a Valvetrain Bennington Reverb (Handwired DRish amp) and a Redplate CD2 (Fender style with ODS style overdrive) depending on venue. The CD2 has a loop and no reverb so the Delay Workstation is pretty useful in particular.

For guitars, I've still got the DGT and ES339, and I added an HBII back in January that I absolutely love.

Hope all is well!

Title: Re: just checking in...
Post by: Stecks on July 26, 2018, 04:12:19 PM
Well hello everybody, long time. 

Stopped playing Ph for a few years, wanted to develop more of my own sound.  Played some this afternoon so I figured I'd see what's what around these parts.

Hope all is well!