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Author Topic: Sand studio remake  (Read 1310 times)

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« on: August 29, 2014, 04:24:48 AM »

This is my studio remake/interpretation of Sand (Phish). It's some what busier than the original, but I wanted to create some dubby ear candy sound layering, much like a dub track or remix would have, but most every part was actually played or sung. My hard drive crashed and I lost the whole project before I could add in harmony/backing vox, and a guitar jam part section after the lyrics end.

If I called it a remix people might think I just sampled the song and didn't actually play/sing anything etc. The only samples/loops I used were for the drums, one rasta vocal sample in intro, and the rainstick/waves sounds. Bass line is played on a keyboard (friend is borrowing my Squire P/J Bass Special at moment). The rest is either played/keyboard or sung. The whammy guitar layer is on a loop in Ableton Live like Trey would use his Boomerang while playing live.   

Guitars: '96 Gibson LP Standard, Squire jap Strat

Amp: Soldano Hotrod 50 black&white snakeskin (Warren Haynes mod and other mods for foot pedal channel switching, vintage modern toggle, clean crunch toggle, double stacked pre and master knobs for clean/lead channel) with matching 2x12 Soldano cab with v30s

Pedals (nothin 2 fancy yet): Ibanez Soundtank TS, VHT V-Drive, Boss DM-3 analog delay, Boss PH-3, Vox 847 wah

Recording: Presonus Eureka preamp channel strip, M-Audio Mobile Pre, IK Multimedia Stealth Pedal DI. vintage Shure SM53 mic, Behringer B2 condenser. EM-U midi keyboard. Mic'd guitar sounds etc, amp sims such as Amplitube 3 Wink , plugins and whatever works for the mix.

I write and record/produce mostly original material, collab, and record friends bands, either studio or live.

Obviously Trey and Phish are huge influence on my playing and writing, as well as other genres like metal and the rest of the jam scene.
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