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Author Topic: Trey's rig in details  (Read 34188 times)
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« Reply #75 on: July 27, 2014, 09:49:56 AM »

No actually the original wh and wh2 distort in a unique way, different from each other and very noticeable. I continued to talk about the whammy as an effect in general

I understand what you're saying, but I feel that the "classic" setting on the WH-5 gets in a similar ballpark. There's also the input gain knob on the WH-2 that contributes to the tracking/distortion you speak of.

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« Reply #76 on: July 27, 2014, 12:45:39 PM »

its not really the input pot. ive had three of them so far. first was minty. second and third were beaten to shit and had to be rebuilt by digitech repair center nerds... from what I have been told, the WH2 had a unique chip just to that model, i believe made by BBE? (would have to look it up), and thats whats clipping. Not the input pot. Sure you can crank that input and make it crackle, but from what Brian told me via email, in person, what my trials, what the Digitech repair dork told me the first repair, and my own experiments proved, was NO other WH pedal can do that overdrived chip sound. Pretty simple how I know for sure, I brought my old tye dyed deluxe reverb to a TN guitar center at 10am, plugged in every new whammy with my grey ross and TS9 to see what the fucking deal was. (And yeah, I thought I was getting close too, back when I had my very first whammy a WH4.) Sure you can do the bends ok, the harmonies are close, and the +1 setting sound the same, but only by itself... (to clarify, I was using a WH1, WH2, WH4, and a WH5 with a 5 channel true bypass looper I had.) If you hit those other WH's with a hot compressed signal it wont breakup the same way. You dont have to be a tone junky to tell the difference. To my ears it was alot like different voiced distortion pedals. They were very different. So alas, I had to stop thinking about the shiny red ones with a true bypass mod (to my brain seemed like a better plan than using a buffered looper), and just learn how to use the good old ugly WH2's along with all their faults. Also dont forget Red likes to tap on the wah pedal and leave it half up, full depressed, and backed up to get different tones... So really to nail it you need a tuneable wah wah, a grey ross, a silver ts9, and of course, a small hollowbody guitar.

A couple mods that can be done pretty simply

1. Metal Jacks. Those plastic jacks are pieces of shit. Dont fucking kid yourself, they can fail even down on a board, velcro'd, retained, happy. Fucking plastic.

2. The bypass switch can be swapped from one that a little more rugged, with a rubber gasket around itself. You can get them from that giant electronics repair part place, goliath or titan? something like that, if anybody cares I can call the place working on my WH2 to find out. Im sure the part cost around 25 dollars.

If that sounds crazy you do not want to know about my amp hunts, or ts9 grazing, modulation humping, or guitar flipping. Pretty famous for buying shit, realizing its not the right stuff, and dumping it like a corpse into the ocean.

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