Love That Breaks All Lines

intro:    A|--5--5--5--5---

G                C     G    D
Now you left the solid wall behind
D           G          D
to lead the balance of below x2

C         G          D
Love that breaks all lines x3  

D-fills- hammer on/off D/G chord from the 7th fret
             or Open D/Dsus4

D         G                  Am
Unseen, a time to break your mind
Am          G             D
To see the shadow of the signs
Watch the water fall alone
To see the center of the road

Untied, unwavered and unfree
Undone to love the same as me, 
Unturned and taking it all alone, 
Am G
Unseen another chance 

   Bb              F
To understand the movements
        C               G
In the corners of your mind, 
    C      G          D
To see the balance of behind 
    D        G           D
And walk the center line alone.

Then repeat chorus 
then solo over verse
then back to "understand the movements" 
then chorus