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You'll Know My Name
 By: Trey & Tom
 Transcribed by Phillip Shaver
 C                             F  
 Oh, I guess you can stay here tonight
 C                                             F                     G
 I'll pay for the breakfast when dark becomes light
 C                                  F
 But if for some reason I buy you a ring
 C                                      G                       C
 Don't get your hopes up it won't mean a thing.
 C                                          F 
 And then if I say what you'd rather not hear.
 C                               F             G
 Just let it flow out the opposite ear.
 C                                          F              
 Most of my words are meant just for today…
 C                                            G                C         
 And there's limited truth in the things that I say.
 F                              C
 Nothing works as its written.
 F                                    C
 Try to feed and you'll be bitten.
 F                                    C
 Try to practice what you read.
 F                     G7        
 And more than likely you'll bleed.
 [Back to same]
 C                                                F
 But none of this matters now that your here.
 C                                          F              G
 You really can't leave till you finish that beer.
 C                                                         F
 Somewhere inside us our needs are the same.
 C                                                  G                       C
 The difference come morning is… You'll know my name.