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Started by Armenian Man, August 26, 2010, 02:31:00 AM

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It ^^^^ was going nowhere really. I just get defensive when Poster calls mine (and others) guitar a piece of junk. I think his is beautiful and the sound clips sound great. I just wouldn't call it a Doc copy...and neither would you!

I'm in Southern Oregon.

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First off, welcome Armenian Man.

Secondly....Wow i must be a fortune teller (or someone who read about 100 pages of this website this weekend before joining), because after Aremenian said the word Equator, i was like, gee i wonder if poster is going to make a comment.  Funny.  Actually i think poster is one of the main reasons i joined.  He lays it out straight to you; but with much passion and experience i gather.  All newbies should have done there homework to be ready for all that awaits them here.  I look forward to the truth, and nothing but the truth...rip me to shreds if it means you will make me a better player and equipment owner and save me time and money in this short life of mine.  Thanks.
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