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Started by Flavaham, January 12, 2011, 05:07:04 AM

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Hey everyone.  I just stumbled in.  I've been putting a new guitar rig together and found this site. Pretty cool and informative!  I've been out of the Phish "Scene" for quite some time to be honest.  I started listening to them around '91-'92 (ish).  Started seeing shows in '94 all around New England and the New York area.  Highlights would be the Clifford Ball in Plattsburg (sp?) NY.  Seriously fun few days up there!  New Years in Boston was a treat.  (I think that was two shows actually but can't fully recall...) They busted out a "Camel Walk" for us in Vermont at Sugarbush which sent the whole crowd into a frenzy.  Awesome memories!  I've probably seen somewhere in the 30 show neighborhood.  Always a good time!

After finding this site I've been listening to Junta for about four days straight.  I'm planning to start learning a few tunes from that album. (I've pretty much got Divided Sky down so far).  I'd really like to tackle Maze but none of the tabs I've found have really helped me figure out what Page and Trey are doing at the beginning of the song and between verses.  Everyone pretty much says harmonics on the fifth fret but I feel like there's more going on there! 

Anyhow, it's good to be a part of the forum now!  I plan to tap into your knowledge a lot!  Thanks for having me!

Walker done done

Welcome Gabe.  Sorry again for the mix up w/ your registration.  Looking forward to your contributions!  Check out the Maze from Albany last year...geat version.  I can hook you up w/ a SBD if you PM me your email.
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