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Started by butterfly, January 27, 2011, 01:36:20 PM

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Hey guys, its butterfly.  I mostly hang out on the Gear Page.  This place looks terrific though. Been playing for a while, mostly in the rock/hard rock vein.  I've been on a Trey kick lately in my playing.

Fan of the band for a long time.  Was a GD tape trader in the late 80s, early 90s. Different world back then--we would have multiple cassette decks running, mailing set lists and cassettes via USPS.  That's when Phish started showing up as filler on tapes and on set lists. That is how I got to listen to the guys. 

Saw them many times in the early to late 90s.  Was 11th row floor for 12/31/95.  Did not see any 2.0.
Heads up on a little known but great show was 6/17/95 Nissan Pavilion in Virginia.  Still have a T-shirt from the show that I found in my stuff when I moved recently.  Cool

I haven't seen 3.0, (tickets were a b***ch), and I am living in Delaware now.  I really like the sound of the recent material, especially summer 2010.  Downloaded 8/6 and 8/9 2010.  Good stuff.  Love Joy--a nice album all around.

Also dig PJ, Mick Taylor era Stones, and anything guitar driven and real.

Enough out of me for now.  Scott--thanks for letting me in.

See ya!

Guys I like:  Scotty Moore, Luther Perkins, Chuck Berry, Pete Townshend, Keith Richards, Jimmy Page, Jerry Garcia, Johnny Ramone, John Frusciante, Dave Navarro, Mike McCready, Jack White and Trey.

Walker done done

Welcome to the design Butterfly.  Sorry for the first reject (my bad) - we've been getting a ton of bots lately so most anything that isn't obvious is getting denied for board protection.  Glad you made it in though!  Go see the boys now, if you get a chance.  Well worth the money, and many shows have tickets on the ground or way under face.
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