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Started by Shaggy Dog, March 03, 2011, 07:40:19 PM

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Shaggy Dog

...and most convenient definitions....

Name: Shaggy Dog(Jay)
Age: 42
Status: Divorced (for over a decade)
Kids: Two - 16(son) and 14(daughter)
Occupation: in the furniture business
First Show: 4/1/92 - Liberty Hall(Lawrence, KS)
Last Show: 8/15/10
Next Show: Red Rocks - August 2011(hopefully)
Why I'm Here: After a 10 year break from all things Phish I took my kids to Alpine last summer and it was SO good.  I was Pleasantly surprised by the energy  from the band and the laid back positive vibe from the crowd both inside and out in the lot.  Now I'm looking forward to a new Phish experienced with the kids(both love Phish) where I have the finances to comfortably travel(sober, and with tickets!) to a couple runs a year.  Phish, rediscovered post 40!  Yes!
Oh yeah, my son is a darn good guitar player and used the 'chords/tabs' feature on this site a lot...that's how I found this place.
Thanks for having me.


Alright Shaggy, welcome to the machine.
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I don't know,..this guy sounds like he's got baggage....  just kidding shaggy.  Welcome.  I've come to really enjoy reading everyones thoughts on posts here, I'm sure you will too.
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Welcome Shaggy!  So what Phish songs can your son rip on the guitar?
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sour d

Shaggy dog. Walkin' down..... I've had that stuck in my head since I read your post yesterday. Always nice to see people older than me on SD.
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Walker done done

Welcome Shaggy!  Glad you had a positive rediscoverance of Phish, and it's super cool that you're getting your kids into it.  If your son ever needs help w/ tabs, just ask. 
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