Started by sour d, May 24, 2011, 07:18:43 AM

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sour d

What are your favorite trill,hammer on pull off style patterns to play? You know, flashy, speedy shit.
Phiga bolt or Resurrection phishy hollowbody>bc rich emp 45 5 loop switcher. LOOP1: Emma discumbobulator>RMC joe walsh wah>'82 ts9>silver mod od9>ross compressor. LOOP2: add mid '80's proco rat LOOP3: add whammyII> digitech ex7. LOOP4: add microverb X2> dm2000> boomerang> digitech JML2. LOOP5: guitar into amp. '76 fender twin or a '64 fender deluxe


I've been getting a lot of use out of the 1, maj3rd, 5 trill.  Either on the low strings or the high, fast or slow, its great.
G&L ASAT lately into- RMC3, modded ts7, modded ts9, ibanez delay, ross compressor, boss tuner, fender super.  lots of other stuff but thats the meat and potatoes.