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ditto x2

Started by sour d, March 03, 2014, 03:00:34 PM

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enough with this TC electronics shit. Well unless you want to buy two, so you can throw the first one out a window when in inevitably breaks a bypass switch or brinks when updating etc.

If your gut instinct is to start buying really cheap Mooer stuff, TC electronic pedals, because ? maybe this isn't the best fit as a hobby. Those cheap pedals are made by slave labor. Aside from that, they aren't really made very well. So if you spend alot of time driving around, hauling shit to make music, do not sell yourself so short. Just fucking save until you can get something decent. Hell on reverb these days, you can save things to your feed, and snipe away when they come up for a $100 bucks or less. My 2018 scores would blow your minds. So yeah, TC shit sucks man, sorry.