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Trey's wah

Started by sour d, May 21, 2014, 03:31:48 PM

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So I emailed Geoffry last week to see if he would put an RMC3 in my Crybaby GCB95..... ultimately, he said no but I did ask about Trey's wah and this is what he could remember (which is pretty much what is said in the OP):

"Hi Jason,

Thanks for your email.  Trey bought an all black RMC3 at RUDY'S MUSIC STOP in NYC back around 1995 or sometime around then.  They called me as he was leaving the shop.  I don't know what Trey uses these days.

I no longer house my RMC electronics in anything besides official RMC shells.  Sorry.

Peace, Love, and Wah,
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