Trey's Boogie Mark III Settings

Started by Hoody, July 22, 2014, 09:21:19 PM

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Curious if any of you Mark III owners have dialed in Trey's settings and what you found.  I was messing around with one today, a red stripe with reverb, and dialed in Trey's exact settings as seen in the Rig video.  It sounds fantastic on the clean channel, perfect actually, but then its WAY too loud when you channel switch to CH. 2 or 3.  Even if you turn down with your guitar volume (ort use 1/2 pwr switch) its just way too much spike to work.

Is there any way trey only uses ch. 1?  Or have others used those settings and found they somehow work? 

For reference those settings were:
Vol. 8.5
Treble:  5.1 pulled
Bass:  1.8
Middle 5.5
Master 1.95
Lead Drive 3
Lead Master 6.5 pulled
reverb 8
Presence 2.5


Judging by the two tubescreamers my guess is that he's only using one channel. I got more than enough dirt out of that setup.
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