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Started by Poster, October 21, 2007, 05:35:21 PM

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well i may be buying a venue in the southeren vermont area in early 08 so thats something to think about... kinda depends what state the property is in, vermont has shitty property to say the least. also, i would be totally down with doing some group internet recording. for example, i record a funky ass groove, send you a raw form of it digitally, you record another part, and so on. then we meet up, rehearse as a group, and go celebrate by playing a show for our friends in some bar. it would be easy to run with a myspace page, free promotion for the unique nature of the project, and get a gig. whaddyu think??


I think that is a great idea. Isn't there a band out there right now that wrote all their songs that way. I think they are called Postal Service or something like that.
All aboard for the tour, riding next to the truth...


hell who cares if they did it. were the real desperados espasido. but we should limit tracks to only 4 people though so it doesnt suck ass and take forever to do. ;) i know the perfect bar to play this show at too. if we get something good, ill cater my new gear to what it needs...