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Orange Amps

Started by fishbiscuit, August 12, 2014, 12:46:03 AM

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Recently I was looking for something small that would fit on my desk when I wanted to plug in late and not wake everyone up.  I decided on the Orange Micro Terror and its working out well for what I wanted but I'm really liking the sound of it.

Do you all have any experience with Orange amps?  I find a lot of people that play them tend to fall on the metal side but after watching many reviews it seems you can get some great cleans with a good amount of head room.

I'm still currently saving and looking to see which larger tube amp I'm going to get but I would love your input.
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Give the Egnater Rebel, Renegade, and Tweaker a try.  They're all pretty great sounding and look kinda fancy.
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