HT- Style cabinets

Started by Arafel, March 13, 2015, 08:32:47 PM

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Quote from: Poster on May 14, 2015, 10:47:23 PM
Well I wouldn't count out EL 84 boogies altogether. I have a boogie subway that has been modded into a mini deluxe/twin with all the bullshit removed, and reverb tweaked for drip, and its sounds spectacular. even with the little transformers and bity 84 tubes

I agree, my Express 5:25+ with a Steamboat 100 kicks all the asses.
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Yeah AO is not in business anymore. This fucking harsh treatment at the defence of AO, also Equator instruments guy, Andy Mayer up in Redding, hell I've got a list about 20 spaces long with assholes who went off the deepend. Its pretty lame looking back here. Lots of people in the gear world fall on hard times, luthiers, amp builders, its a really tough job. With no iron in the fire I was just relaying honestly, how people were not being so cool anymore, and I was flamed HARD for it. Meh I'm not mad anymore, just sad so many people fall victim to drugs and alcohol, also sad that internet warriors would jump so quickly to defend vendors, when its very obvious I'm just passionate about gear and sharing experience to help other players. Still such a stupid screen name.
Last note: the guy I recomended from New Hampshire who makes everything by hand for affordable prices -- drum roll! Still an amazing guy and is really successful building cabs to this day. He actually has a very sexy finished hard truckers cabinet for 500 bucks or something. I'm also friends with Glenn at Hard Truckers so literally friends with both of these people. I own both - just depended on budget at the time, and anybody that gives you shit about that isn't a musician. If you can go Glenn at HT. SSP also makes great stuff these days, but have not used them. TRM is a first bet. Had a bad experience with Ear Candy, good experiences with Mojotone. Also please always check Guitar center USED online first - there is a nice CARR cab for 300 on there now.

There are enough speaker cabinets sitting unused to build a bridge to china from my backyard.

Trucker cabs are heavy and you should use a roadcase - more heavy.

So yeah if you don't like getting a workout or having roadies - probably a good idea to chill on the garcia antipasta mega arena guitar rigs in a bar route.