The Meaning to the Lyrics of Bouncing Around The Room

Started by PhanPhil, April 02, 2015, 03:18:47 AM

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I'm not sure if this topic has already been covered here or on another Phish forum like but I couldn't find it if it was.  I wanted to know if Trey or Tom Marshall ever spoke on the meaning of the lyrics to Bouncing around the Room as well as anybody else's input on what they are referring to.  As a narcoleptic myself who is very familiar with sleep paralysis I can not help but feel that the lyrics are absolutely all about sleep paralysis.  There is an illusion to the ancient folklore of the succubus which is also related to sleep paralysis.  The story of the succubus was originally written or told by somebody who experienced the intruder hallucination from sleep paralysis.  Anyways, every lyric in the song perfectly describes somebody who is suffering from sleep paralysis, particularly the chorus which alludes to the whole deja vu aspect of sleep paralysis ( as well as cataplexy and epileptic auras).  I would love to hear some insight on this, particularly some confirmation maybe from somebody else who is also familiar with narcolepsy.  I know that I only had to hear the song once ( about 18 years ago) and immediately I said to myself "this person is undergoing sleep paralysis".


Seriously?  Nobody has any insight for me?  Are there any other narcoleptics here?  Or even anybody who is familiar with sleep paralysis, I'm still quite confident that anybody who is familiar with sleep paralysis will agree with me that the lyrics to Bouncing are clearly describing sleep paralysis.  If not, is there anybody who can at least offer some insight on a different meaning to the lyrics that they may believe the lyrics mean? 


I would have to agree with you. Seems like an appropriate phish topic.