MXL 990/991 Mic's

Started by webephishin, October 29, 2015, 07:18:43 PM

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Hey guys, ran across this deal at guitar center for this mic set.  I'd use them for recording vocals and acoustic guitar obviously...have any of you guys had any experience with these?  Pros? Cons? $80 feel like you can't go wrong.
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Well, since no one else replied...

Never used that specific model, but before the internets got popular and I could read reviews, a music shop sold me an MXL 2010 microphone. I had it for years and got pretty good at getting a decent sound out of it, but when I went to sell it and upgrade, I realized how poorly it was regarded, in particular because it had no where near a flat response. I think it had decent reviews on some sites, but people looking for a good condenser didn't seem to be thrilled with it. Can't say anything about the 990/991, but I'd suggest check some recording forums rather than reviews at a site like Guitar Center (where the reviews are more likely to be written by a kid who just got his first mic). I really like my AT 4040, but I think its a totally different price point than the MXL line. However, some people told me it was an affordable mic comparable to the AKG 414's Trey used back in the day. If your recording the room, vocals, piano, acoustic... I like a condenser. But for my guitar amp, I go with dynamic mics right on the grill cloth. I'm using a Audix i5 and SM57 in stereo currently. They handle higher volumes while sometimes condensers get pushed too hard. Dynamic mics are much cheaper, so you get more bang for buck.
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Any of these cheap mics will work just fine. Just use a decent preamp and interface that is at least 192k so a studio can do something with what you've got - should the need arise. Reamping, the future of recording, they can do nearly anything with a 192k take. Just don't skimp when experimenting on how it captures. Let just say several friends who are great musicians have been busted using their mics the wrong way - double check your mini toggles, read the manual etc. This is the best time to enjoy affordable mics in the history of microphones. The sterling audio stuff can also be had cheap new. Too many to list really. But again, buy everything USED. Especially mics. Most people use them once and throw them in a box. Otherwise they will show their road rash pretty obviously. Only buy from places with a reasonable return policy. You may end up using the store credit on a return on something else you need - as is the life in production.