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Started by atk1, December 11, 2015, 04:52:15 PM

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Quote from: dontpanic on December 15, 2015, 01:28:55 PM
Yea it doesn't take much to hate the OD tone... On the other hand, Jerry's standard, dirty-clean is great. Especially the 80's Mac tone. Love it.

That tone just doesn't work with an OD/distortion IMO. It could have been improved with some gain staging. Maybe a boost into a light OD.

How is the Trey pedal setup into the sms->Mac? I always find myself wanting these two tones more than any others. I would be REALLY interested to hear a Mesa studio pre-> Mac running through some v30s or k120s.

I haven't been able to get too close to Trey's tone.. It takes some dialing in and I am not there yet.  The SMS>Mac is gorgeous. Fender Twin-ish. Tons of headroom. I love it.  My board is a mis-mash of Jerry/Trey, plus some extras (alot of My Morning Jacket influences as well). At first I wanted to emulate all each of their sounds.. now I want to find a mix that may be all new.
Funny you should mention the Mesa Studio.. I nearly grabbed one of those a few weeks ago and I may still.


Do it and then mail me your rig!