Help me find a new wah

Started by No Nice Guy, February 09, 2016, 01:16:34 PM

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Quote from: No Nice Guy on February 10, 2016, 09:26:08 PM
Quote from: tsbot on February 10, 2016, 07:11:26 PM
Anyone wanna buy my RMC3FL?


What do you think is fair?  $190?  There is one on Reverb for $175 with scratch bass pot.  Where would I be shipping it to? Mine has velcro on the bottom, but I put the plate 'inside out' so the writing will be like new (protected on the inside). 


I went through a WAH shopping spree a while ago when I started playing a lot of funk music live.  While there is nothing wrong with the standard cry baby, I was looking for a different sound just cause everyone uses those things.  The RMC3 is great but I had such a problem with noise (even with the radio interference blocking backplate thingy) that I had to sell it.  I tried EVERYTHING to get rid of the noise, but it was so loud and so unmanageable that I couldn't deal.  The next wah I tried was perfect was the JAM pedals whacko+.  This is the perfect wah for me.  6 way switch to get different sounds, and it sounds so funky I smile ear to ear overtime I click it on.  The other cool thing about it and I end up using it more for this than anything else, is the fact the you can use it as a treble booster (since the high end isn't shrill at all) or a filter.  Other wah pedals get too shrill on the high end for this to be effective, not with the JAM pedals.  Granted, you need to be prepared to pony up $300, but if you do you will set for life.


just use the one everybody uses these days, included the red guy, CAE MXR wah its great. Go yellow inductor, no boost. Great sweep and control. My garmopatmods wah worked great for years. RIP Garmopat mods