Rock n' Roll - Velvet Underground

Started by Walker done done, March 29, 2008, 07:23:32 PM

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Walker done done

We may start playing this in my band so I tabbed it out.  Took the basics from Emil's page (he's got an alternate version that has some of the correct voicings which I posted at the bottom).  The main thing I wanted to learn were the couple of licks that Trey does in the middle & at the end of the song, right before the jam.  Enjoy.

Rock n' Roll
The Velvet Underground

C                                        Bb6       
Jenny said when she was just five years old you know there's
F                    F G F   C
nothing goin' down at all.
C                          Bb6                       F             F G F        C
She turned on that radio and there was nothin' happening at all.

C                          Bb6                           F                    F G F    C
She turned on that L.A. station couldn't believe what she heard at all
C                                    Bb6
She started dancin' to that fine fine music
      F                        F G F    C
Her life was saved by rock and roll.

         D                            F
         Despite all the complications they could just
         G                                    F
         Dance to that rock and roll station
                           C            Bb6
         And it was alright(it's alright)
                     C            Bb6
         It was alright(it's alright)
                     C            Bb6
         It was alright(it's alright)
         It was alright.

- guitar riff (over verse chords):
E ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
B ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
G -------------------------7-^9—-7-7----7-9-10~--^12-10-9-------
D ---10-10~--9^10--------------------------------------------------8---
A -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
E -----------------------------------------------------------------------------

Jenny said when she was five years old you know her
Parents will be the death of us all.
Two TV sets and two Cadillac cars well they don't
Mean nothin' at all, not at all.

She turned on that L.A. station couldn't believe what she heard at all.
She started dancin' to that fine fine music, her life was
Saved by rock and roll.


solo over verse chords

1st verse

chorus-end on last "alright"

End riff:
E ---------------------------------8--10^12-12p10^8-------------------------------
B -------------------------8-10----------------------------10-8----8----------------
G ---------------------9------------------------------------------9----9--7h9~---
D -------------8-10-----------------------------------------------------------------------
A --------10-------------------------------------------------------------------------------
E ---^8------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Jam on C & Bb6, in the Key of F


   C                  Bb6
d||----10--10---10--- 8---8--8---------7---7--7-

   F   slide to    G then back  F   back to C
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