Can anyone help me tab a Talking Heads solo?

Started by No Nice Guy, March 29, 2016, 06:03:40 PM

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No Nice Guy

So I still don't trust my ear very much, and I've wanted to play this for a while.  In the live album Stop Making Sense, they start Crosseyed and Painless in a funky, slow tempo, and right before they speed up to the song's tempo one of the guitarists teases the melody line of the chorus - I'm trying to figure out how to play that.

He plays it at about 0:37 in this video, right after the drum fill.  It's tough to get a good view of the fretboard but it's somewhere around the 8th fret.
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David plays that intro line solo with his Boss pedals and the alembic(?).

first line in on the B string


harmony line

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