New here! (kind of)

Started by cptnjackstei, July 21, 2016, 01:37:00 PM

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Yo guys, just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Jack and im a professional guitarist based out of Cincinnati, OH. Ive been reading this forum for 4ish years/gathering bits of information from you all, so thanks for that! Seen a fair share of shows. Although im not after the "trey tone" whatsoever anymore, I did do that for a while and was into it! Stoked to learn more from you guys and share whatever bits I know.


Yes! Welcome.... Please excuse the cluster flies...they are this time of year......


What type of tone you into now?
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Here's an older picture of my board. its now without the compressor/without the moog chorus, and also replaced the archer with a morning glory. I just wanted to find my own voice and not go for the dual ts/middy hollowbody tone trey has (which I love) I shoot for a little more low mids/the clearest, most articulate tone possible. Where the drives speak extremely well/dont get in the way/frequency range of other instruments. Two rock cab and Dr. Z maz 18 help a lot.

(Just realized I have no Idea how to post pics, can anyone help out?)