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Started by Poster, October 30, 2007, 11:24:12 AM

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Subject: Re: Hello
Date: February 2nd, 2006 1:23PM
To: Mike
From: Fishman

thank you, and as for the vonnegut piece, well......if the truth hurts you will be in pain. i always liked his honesty and imagination. i think it is time to look for a life raft and hope that the little spot you pick can survive well enough to yield food and water for yourself, your loved ones and the animals you'll need for clothing, food and tools. while we are at it we should all learn how to make fire without matches as a basic skill. that's essentially the route i'm going. we are looking at another farm in maine. i'll still practice music after the chores are done and make trips to burlinton to record in your studio though, if you want of course. if the shit ever gets bad, you can come grow vegetables and slaughter animals for food with us. you can still be a vegetarian. you just have to kill, not necessarily eat. just kill.


Walker done done

Cool, thanks for posting.  As for that little farm in Maine, I've actually passed it on Rt. 52 before - not too far from my current (soon to be ex) job is.  A client I was working with is a big-wig type at Camden National Bank in Camden, and his partner is Fish's financial guy, said Fish comes into the office enough so that he got to know him a little.  Cool stuff.  I've thought about popping in for a hello, but didn't want to be rude.  I'm sure he moved there to have his privacy and maybe get away from all that, which I have to respect.  But still, I think it'd be neat to drop in for a visit, see if he wants to jam or something.  I mean, he still plays drums, and I don't think he's playing with anybody right now, so.....
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yeah i wouldnt reccomend that,, fishman is a very private dude. hes always been that way ever since that weirdo broke into his house and crapped into his toilet for 2 weeks. hes got small children and i wouldnt go there out of respect. now ive hung out with gordo many times and in vermont musicians arent exactly falling from the sky, so i could see maybe getting him in a some sort of project but the drop in doesnt work well in this situation IMO. i bet hes moer likely to drop into a bar you may be playing at, then id say hey dude smoke this, and please play that ;0)


thats so cool.  dont have to eat just kill, :lol:  fishmans a great guy