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Started by xero92, January 02, 2008, 08:04:51 PM

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Hey everybody,
   Had a question about Treys playing: I have been working hard at getting the trey sound in my licks and leads and feel like i understand it well enough, but I am having trouble playing rhythm parts that fit the trey sound. I believe that he uses lots of triads and such, but I am not sure. I am basically just trying to figure out how i can get into a good groove with my band where i am not soloing, more just blending in with little chord parts and such, as I believe Trey does.
   Does anybody have any ideas?


(Rarely post here and I wasnt sure if this was the correct place to throw this...)
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heres one, study bob weir instead. just kidding, trey chord vamps are usually pretty basic, he uses alot of chords during phish's funk phase and funk guitar is essentially one chord strummed in an interesting pattern. it's not so much guitaring as it is drumming, finding a cool strumming pattern or beat as it were to jam on

the talking heads influence really shows in treys rythm playing so i'd suggest you check them out too

...but if you want to be a great rythm guitarist check out bob weir. trey is rhythm 101 next to the sliding shifting mind melting caged system work of mr weir

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Well said mate!  I would add Jimi to that list of rhythm influences as well.
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Haha, I thought I might get that bob weir comment. I was about to read up on him as well, weir is amazing. I was kinda interested because i plan on laying a few covers, but it does make sense that trey would just vamp on chords with interesting rhythm and such, i can defanently here it...

and of course jimi is always somewhere that i gotta look

Trying to stop these demons that keep dancing in my head!


if you can, download some doyle bramhall II hes plays alot like Jimi and knows how to make 1 chord sound
about a million different ways... :D


when i jam and im using rythym things, me and my other guitarist kinda mesh things together. we tend to fall into cool syncopated parts, i mean were playing single note lines, but when played to gether it gets very rythmic. think discipline era king crimson (of cousre not nearly as good). i think thats a cool way to approach rytym.

but when im just playing rythym guitar i use a lot of little 2 note chord things. ill look at whatever key were playing in and look at the scales and modes, and theres tons of little 2 string 2 note combinations that can work really well .especially when there a lot of musicans, it helps things be less cluttered.  it just took some time to figure out how they sound, but they sound really nice. of course triads and stuff too.

also, arpeggiate! listen to some police andy seems to do that very nicely
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