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Trey Anastasio's Guitar Rig

Now you can play the same rig Trey plays! Below is Trey Anastasio's guitar rig in detail including Photos, descriptions, manuals, prices and links to buy each piece of Trey's rig. In no way do I make any money off of these items or anything else on this site. This is all been gathered and published for you, free of charge, at my expense, so that you may enjoy Trey's Phishy tone as much as I do.

I want to say thank you to Brian Brown (Trey's guitar tech) and Glenn Goldstein (CEO) from Hard Truckers as they have provided me with the current info on Trey's rig. Please check out their website for the latest and greatest in hand-made speaker cabs, cables and more. If it's good enough for Trey you know it's good enough for you. If you have any updates and/or pictures of Trey's rig please send them to admin@strangedesign.org

Trey's Signal Path, provided by Brian Brown

Trey's Pedal Setup, provided by Brian Brown
Trey's Rig in Detail

Total Estimated Cost of Trey Anastasio's Rig (Not including Mics): $34,849.00

Hard Truckers - Hand-Made Speaker Cabinets, Grill Covers and Road Gear

Trey Anastasio Languedoc Guitar

Total Estimated Cost for Guitars and Strings:$15,704.00
Paul Languedoc - Custom Archtop Electric - $10,000.00
Martin DCE Trey Anastasio - Acoustic - $5,199.00
DR Strings - Tite-Fit Electric MT-10 - $5.00
Hand-made Cables by Brian Brown - $0.00

Trey Anastasio Amp and Speaker

Total Estimated Cost for Amps and Speakers (not including Mics): $11,329.00
Fender Deluxe Reverb - $799.00
Bruno 4x12 Speaker Cabinet - $1,099.00
Leslie 122 - Standard Organ Leslie - $2,232.00
AKG 414 - $999.00
Mesa Boogie mk III Head - $1,700.00
Paul Languedoc 2x12 Cabs - $1,500.00

Trey Anastasio Guitar Rack Effects
Total Estimated Cost for Rack Effects: $3,156.00
Furman Power Conditioner - $158.00
Korg - DTR2 Tuner - $258.00
Ibanez - DM2000 Delay - $100.00
Custom Audio Electronics - Black Cat Vibe - $399.00
Custom Audio Electronics - Super Tremolo - $399.00
Alesis - NanoVerb (x2) - $99.00
Alesis - MicroVerb I - $50.00
Custom Audio Electronics - 4x4 Switcher - $649.00
Trey Anastasio Pedals

Total Estimated Cost for Floor Controls and Effects: $4,660.00
Dunlap GCB-95 Wha - $70.00
Ibanez - Tube Screamer x2 (aNaLoG MaN TS9/808 Silver Mod) - $165.00
Ernie Ball - Volume - $150.00
Digitech - Whammy II - $250.00
Boomerang Music - Boomerang - $429.00
Custom Audio Electronics - RS-10 MIDI Foot Controller - $749.00
Expression Pedal (CAE Super Tremolo) - $100.00
Custom On/Off Latching Switch (CAE Super Tremolo) - $120.00
TREK II - UC-1A (Leslie) - $598.00
Boss - FS-5L (Leslie) - $24.00
Boss - FS-5U (Once) - $24.00
Custom Amp Selector (Fender Deluxe Reverb) - $120.00
Custom Audio Electronics ISO-1 - $59.00
Boss TU-2 Chromatic Tuner - $99.00

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