Solo album is dropping check it out

Started by Poster, June 21, 2012, 05:30:34 PM

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admittedly my post is pretty harsh but I'm surprised that you put this out like this.  Like I mentioned, these are all cool musical ideas.  And yes, I'd check this out in a local bar too.  Free???, that doesn't change my reaction to the music...

I was expecting something a bit tighter and exciting, mind blowing hooks and stuff from reading all your posts over the last year or two about your knowledge, experience and mileage.

Maybe I just need better speakers for my computer, or maybe live would be a different story, or maybe I've just got a chip on my shoulder towards you Poster from reading your posts on here.....or maybe I'm just a douche.
G&L ASAT lately into- RMC3, modded ts7, modded ts9, ibanez delay, ross compressor, boss tuner, fender super.  lots of other stuff but thats the meat and potatoes.


Meh, so Midtown Player didnt have any hooks in it? Really dude, its ok you dont dig it. Music is incredibly subjective, and Iam a live player. Ill upload some live solo band tapes and you can maybe look at the difference between live and in studio. Its totally different. Either way, its just music man, relax, its supposed to make you feel good, if it doesnt, listen to something else ya know.

Thanks for checking it out!