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Started by mblem22, March 25, 2013, 11:45:45 PM

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What's up guys?  Just thought I'd say hi and introduce myself a little bit.

I'm a guitar player of about 11 years, Phish fan, a recent college grad with an electrical engineering degree, festival goer, and recently, a DIYer.

I did some work on building a DOD440 envelope filter but somehow that project got left behind.  More recently, I have been designing a tremolo from the ground up.  It's actually an idea that webephishin had to use an expression pedal to modify the tap tempo.  It's coming along pretty well and once it's done I'll post some pictures and maybe a demo video.

Anyway, this board seems like a pretty cool place to exchange ideas and info, so I'm looking forward to diving in.  ;D


ye ye! u made it on here!!  As I said, you'll find lots of good info and could get lots of good feedback from the dudes on here, especially HappyOrange and HeadyJamFan, just to name a few.  

PS I'm PUMPED to see how the tremolo turns out as you already know.
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Welcome mblem.. now post your rig.   Where ya from?
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My rig is pretty weak at the moment, but I'm working on it.  Just have a little 15W Line6 amp and a few Boss pedals: DD-6 delay, MT-2 distortion, PH-3 phase shifter, and the RC-2 looper.  I have a stained Les Paul and also a Martin DX-1 acoustic.  I'm hoping to add mainly home-made pedals to it.  I've also been looking to getting some kind of tube amp, maybe a Fender blues jr.  I doubt anyone cares to see my rig, but I might post a pic of my guitars when I get home.

I'm from frigid Milwaukee, beer capital of the world.  ;)


Welcome aboard!!

And the Blues Jr. is definitely the way to go!  I have one, as does HappyOrange.  He has performed some sweet mods on it as well!
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Welcome mblem!  We are here to rock and help each other rock!
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Wassup and welcome!

The Blues Junior is great! Its good stock, but there are also tons of cool mods, so its a great investment if you can do those mods yourself (or a money-pitt of you decide to have someone else do them).
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