My New Band: SHAPOW

Started by JamVol, April 19, 2014, 09:46:55 AM

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Hey guys here is my new band Shapow with some recordings from practice.  Just recorded with a mic in the middle of the room so quality could be a little better.  Enjoy feedback appreciated.  I will be uploading some originals soon.
Guitars:  Ibanez ADJ91,  Ibanez AWD82, Martin D41  
Effects: GBC95--Ibanez Tubescreamer--Effects Pedal Boutique SRB808 plus Duel Drive--CmatMods Ross Clone--Nova Repeater--Boss TU-2--Digitech Jamman Delay                           
Amp: Fender DDRI
Effects not in use: Whammy 4 and various other crap