NAD - Express 5:50+ (plus)

Started by express50express, January 11, 2017, 10:22:30 AM

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Curious if anyone has any experience with the Mesa Express Series 5:50+ (plus). Or 5:25.

I used to own one of these (the non plus) years back, but it is long gone, and i owned many amp since. Blackface, Vintage, Vox, modern Fender, Swart, etc.

I have come full circle again, and picked up a used Express 5:50 Plus Model, with MC-90 Blackshadow speaker. All stock and great condition. Still under warranty which is a bonus.

Curious if any has had any experience with these, what the thoughts were, and if they had any tips and tricks on setting the tone and using using different modes or EQ shaping.

Again, i think this is a great amp and can cover a lot of ground. Very versatile for the different wattage selections as well 5/25/50. The 50 isn't really louder, just more headroom, and you can hear the difference for sure at low and high volume situations. I play mainly with a strat and it can get some nice blackface'ish tones as well as more modern mesa cleans, and some great blues.

I think the speaker is a great fit for this amp. I'm sure i could experiment, but i have a feeling Mesa selected this for some good reasons. I might try something might provide some tighter bass response, but for now it's going to stay stock.



great amp.  I almost tried not to love mine, but I couldn't.  I have '66 blackface DR, Mark III, Bandmaster, Silver twin, and others.  But the express really is one I love.

mine has a V30 in it.  When you get it warmed up it can really produce some amazing sounds. 

I primarily use the blues channel.  Vol up a good bit.  Then have the inverted V, but only use it really for a clean boost. 

It has a lovely tone on 5 watts, too. 

Only problems are that it does get some buzz (slightly).  and I have had experiences where one day its the best sound I've ever heard out of an amp, and the next I can't seem to get it.  Think its just a warming up the amp issue


Thanks for the feedback. Did your 5:50 come with a Black Shadow mc-90, and did you replace it with a vintage 30? How are the cleans with the vintage 30 compared to the mc-90? I guess what was your reasoning behind swapping, if you did actually do that. I heard the v30's can get really harsh in the upper mids and that the mv-90 is a great speaker for the amp.

I also noticed that the amp can sound great one day and the next, i don't know what happened. I think it's my ears and combination of warming up.

I'm also getting a tube kit from dougstubes. i have heard good results from getting rid of the stock mesa tubes in this amp.

The probably i'm having now with this amp is, i play mainly strats and mostly blues, and i am having trouble getting the highest to thicken up. they are def on the thin side, which is why i wonder what a different speaker would do to this amp.

I've also heard to dial things in, start everything at zero and then add, especially treble. going to try this tonight.