Questions for Brian Brown - Part 2

Started by strangedesign, April 16, 2008, 11:36:48 PM

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1. What effect is Trey using on the MicroVerb?
"The Microverb effect is reverse (very subtle). He uses it for solos only."

2. Is the actual signal path in the "Dig Crap" Loop Tremolo > Whammy II > Boomerang?
"The Dig Crap loop is: 4x4 (loop 1) send to Tremolo input/ output to Whammy 2 input/ output to Boomerang input/ output to CAE ISO-1 input/output to 4x4 (loop 1) return (the ISO-1 is one of two isolation transformers on Trey's rig to quiet down the noise floor, the 2nd one is in between the Korg DTR-2 output and the Trek 2 input)."

3. In the Floor Pedals drawing that you sent there is a Bass Ext. What is this and how does it fit into the rig?
"Trey prefers having his own bass extension amp (a feed off the bass rig) to make the bass guitar sound more natural to him in his area (otherwise it would go through the monitor system which does not sound so good). Currently he's using an Ampeg bass amp (it was a GK bass amp for years)."
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