Questions for Brian Brown - Part 1

Started by strangedesign, April 16, 2008, 11:42:13 PM

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1. What is the true guitar signal chain? I'm pretty sure it starts guitar > rmc3 > ts9 > ts9 > ?.  I'm especially interested in the signal flow through the rack (Super Trem, Vibe, both NanVerbs and the MicroVerb).
"The wah-wah is a Dunlap GCB-95. Trey's Signal Path , Trey's Pedal Setup"

2. Where in the chain does the signal split for the Leslie speaker?
"There is a signal out feed off the CAE 4x4 in the back of the rack (ch. 3 out) that I send to the Korg DTR-2 tuner which has a tuner mute switch option (1/4" jack) on the back (next to the input/ output panel). There is a Boss FS-5 (latched switch) pedal at Trey's left foot that controls tuner mute (it's labeled "leslie"). I inverted the switch (on is off & off is on). The signal coming out of the tuner travels to the input of the Trek 2 which feeds the Leslie 122 (standard organ leslie). This also provides a constant tuner read out whether the leslie is on or off."

2. Are the Whammy II or Boomerang in a loop?
"One day Trey decided he didn't like all the hiss associated with having many pedals. I told him it was just the crappy cheap digital pedals (Whammy 2 and Boomerang). So he said put those two on the loop with the Tremolo (rack) and label it "Dig Crap" on the RS-10 controller. When he doesn't use "Dig Crap" loop, the noise floor on his rig is significantly quieter."

3. How are the 2 NanoVerbs and MicroVerbs setup?
"Trey only uses the center micro-verb; the other two are rack space filler so the rack doesn't look odd."

4. What is the Boss FS-5U ONCE switch controlling?
"The Boomerang has been customized, I hot wired the "once" function (on the circuit board) and sent it to the Boss FS-5U (momentary switch unlatched) so Trey can sing and comfortably trigger the boomerang from a singing position instead of a playing position (where the boomerang is located on the carpet which is in the best position for playing)."

5. What model is the Leslie Speaker that Trey uses?
"Leslie 122 (standard organ leslie)"
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